Heat Stress Solutions-Cool Pax

Dec 3rd 2015

TechNiche's HyperKewl is a very important part of our product offering, but it is only one of several cooling technologies we offer. Our next most popular cooling option is our TechNiche Cool Pax line of cooling vests and accessories.

Cool Pax - The Technology

The key ingredient to our Cool Pax technology is phase change material, a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-combustible high purity alkane material. Our Cool Pax are not water based, which means they are not gels (water based cooling packs). Cool Pax freeze at 58F (14C). They then cool the user by absorbing heat away from the body, keeping the environment inside the vest and near the user at a comfortable 58F. There is no ice burn, condensation or fluctuating temperatures when using Cool Pax and they are lighter than water packs and cool for longer. Our standard vest cools an individual for 2-3 hrs and can be re-charged in a freezer or cooler in 35-45 mins.

We seal the phase change material in high strength polyurethane utilizing RF welders allowing them to withstand significant pressure.

Cool Pax - How to Use It

Cool Pax do not need airflow to work and are most often utilized in limited airflow environments such as in high temperature manufacturing or Haz-mat suits. However, they are also the item of choice for athletes during pre-cooling and post-cooling activities for many of the benefits listed above, stable temperature, no ice burn, lighter than water etc. help them with pre-cooling and post cooling during competitions.

In my next blog I will cover the use of Cool Pax cooling by athletes in more detail.

Ioannis Anastasakis
TechNiche International

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