Hybrid Cooling Military Vests w/Sleeves

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Was: $299.99
Now: $200.99

Product Overview

  • All the critical benefits of the hybrid cooling Military Vest, plus detachable sleeves w/hook & loop length adjustments for a personalized fit; one of a kind, complete upper body cooling effect
  • Comfortable, quilted cotton-nylon outer w/polymer embedded fabric inner, and water-repellant nylon liner (excluding inserts)
  • Phase Change Cooling Inserts maintain a comfortable 58°F (15°C). Include one (1) set of Phase Change Cooling Military Inserts (7065)
  • Note: vests come w/23.5" - 25.75" (59.7 cm - 65.4 cm) sleeves
  • 8.5 lbs
  • Size: M/L


(No reviews yet) Write a Review